Dealing With Diabetes with Help from Invacare Supply Group

Diabetes mellitus is a disease that affects millions of people, and causes high blood sugar because the body is unable to produce insulin.  Symptoms of the disease include frequent urination, increased thirst, and increased hunger.  There are 3 main types of the disease: Type 1, Type 2, and gestational diabetes.  If you are faced with Type 1 diabetes, you will have to inject insulin in order to correct your body’s insulin levels and prevent further complications.  Getting the proper supplies to treat diabetes will be important to your health.  Invacare Supply Group is one of many suppliers that offer various diabetes supplies that can help you stay healthy and manage your disease.

When you’re facing Type 1 diabetes and insulin therapy is required, there are a variety of supplies that you’ll need.  Invacare Supply Group carries everything you need to manage your diabetes, from test strips to lancets.  Aside from insulin, one of the most important parts of managing diabetes is testing the blood sugar to maintain a proper level.  To do this, you’ll need a glucose monitoring system, test strips, and lancets.  This allows you to control and test your blood sugar yourself, which is an important part of dealing with the disease.

Insulin injections to manage blood sugar are usually given subcutaneously with single-use syringes.  Some people with diabetes opt for an insulin pump, either by personal preference or medical necessity.  Recently, inhalable insulin became available as a way of administering insulin without an injection.  There is also the modern option of oral insulin, which is thought to be just as effective as the injections.  Most patients today are still on subcutaneous injections, as it is thought to be the most effective way to administer the insulin needed to regulate blood sugar.

By using testing supplies from Invacare Supply Group, you’re able to more effectively monitor your blood sugar and control your diabetes.  Without proper maintenance and treatment, diabetics can suffer a variety of complications.  Problems with circulation have led to amputation in some severe cases, and infections are much more likely in diabetics as well.  With careful monitoring and care, diabetes is a treatable disease.  Under a doctor’s care and with the proper supplies, you can enjoy a normal quality of life with only a few lifestyle modifications.  A proper diet and exercise are two of the most important parts of staying on top of your diabetes.

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