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SilvaSorb Gel Works to Heal Wounds

When you get any sort of wound, whether it’s a burn, a surgical wound, or a tear on your skin, it is incredibly important that you take proper care of it. To take proper care of a wound means keeping air off of it and keeping a diligent eye on it as well. While it might seem like all you can do to fix a wound is sit around and wait for it to stop hurting, that’s not true. With good medical supplies, like SilvaSorb gel, you can help your wounds heal.

What is SilvaSorb gel? It is actually a type of gel that helps to keep a wound moist. Always remember that keeping a wound moist is one of the keys to healing it. SilvaSorb protects your body from all sorts of bacteria such as MRSA, and VRE. It also kills microbes and helps heal tissue cells. (more…)


Ostomy Care with ConvaTec Ostomy Supplies

An ostomy is a surgery where a stoma, or opening, is made in either a patient’s abdomen or urinary system. The patient’s bodily fluids, whether fecal matter from the intestines or urine from the urethra, are brought to the stoma, transferred down an external tube, and released into a bag. When this is done to a patient’s abdomen, it is usually for a colostomy or an ileostomy. When it is performed on a person’s urinary system, it is the result of a urostomy. Post-surgical care is incredibly important after any of these surgeries, but thankfully, there are ConvaTec ostomy supplies for that.

First of all, a patient will need to care for and clean his or her stoma. ConvaTec ostomy supplies offer plenty of supplies for cleaning the stoma. They have Aloe Vesta anti-fungal ointment that soothes the entire area around the opening. They also offer a Stomahesive paste which prevents irritation around the stoma and helps keep the opening sealed. When the patient is done cleaning the wound, he or she can apply a comfortable and secure Hydrofiber wound dressing. It is easy to remove for the next cleaning sessions and its moisture component allows for healing. (more…)


Driving Is Easier with Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers

Even if you have a disability, there should be no reason that you can’t get out and about on your own.  There are many different mobility products available to those with disabilities, and these products can ensure that you never again have to rely on someone else to help you with your errands or your trips around town.  With power scooters, electric wheelchairs, mobility vans, and hand controls for disabled drivers, it has never been easier for you to get out and about.

When you are choosing the mobility products for you, then there are many things that you will need to consider.  First of all, you can take stock of the things that you already own to make sure that you don’t double up.  Many people choose first to upgrade from a wheelchair to a power scooter.  These scooters can make travel easy without the need for a handicap accessible van, as long as you are not trying to travel over three miles roundtrip. (more…)


Having the Right Wound Care Supplies In Your First Aid Kit Means Everything

When you were little, your parents always had a first-aid kit. Any time that you had any sort of cut, scrape, burn, or any other injury, you mom was always right there with her little white box with the big, red cross on the front. The importance of having a first-aid kit has not changed since you were a kid. It is still of paramount importance that you have one in your home at all times.

In fact, you should keep one in every place that you spend a lot of time. Have one in your car, and you can even have one at your job just in case something was to happen. Everyone in your family should know where the first-aid kit is kept and how to get to it. Having the right wound care products in your first-aid kit is the most important part of having one. After all, if you don’t have the necessary supplies in your first-aid kit, why have one at all? (more…)