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A Condom Catheter Provides Relief for Men

Many men today experience urinary incontinence after they have had prostate surgery or because of other issues related to the prostate. For years, they have suffered in silence, but today more and more men are coming out to the world that they have issues related to their bladder. As more men are discussing their struggles with incontinence, new treatments and supplies to manage the problem are coming out.

The list of supplies out there for urinary issues is long, and while some work great, others are not so popular. For the most part, many people see success with absorbent undergarments and bed pads. Many men, however, leak profusely, which can make wearing absorbent underwear or a diaper uncomfortable and inconvenient. They will have to change the incontinence product often and this can interfere with their daily activities. One solution to this is the men’s condom catheter. A condom catheter, like its name suggests, fits on similar to a condom. These are made for men only. There is a spout-like tip that will connect to a device that holds urine that is collected. Usually this device is a bag that straps to the leg. This way, a man can wear the condom catheter and no one will ever know. There is also no changing of undergarments often and no fear of having to find a place to dispose of the used diapers. (more…)


Guide To Using A Condom Catheter

One of the common types of catheter for men to use is the condom catheter. But sometimes men can be a little shy about using it.  It’s not really that difficult, once you learn how to use it. These are some of the useful tips that you can use in order to correctly use a condom catheter. These tips will ensure that you are using the catheter correctly and safely.

Always use hot water and soap to wash your hands before you insert it and after you insert it.

Make sure that the penis is being cleaned each time the catheter is changed.

Use some kind of protective ointment (except for petroleum jelly) for covering the penis’ shaft and allow it to dry before applying the sheath. This ointment will assist in protecting the patient’s skin from coming into contact with the urine. Unroll the sheath gently and completely, and then press at the sheath’s base where you will see the adhesive strip. (more…)


Keeping A Condom Catheter Supply For Your Medical Facility

As you know, when you own or operate a medical facility, one of the many important responsibilities you will have will be to keep all of the needed supplies on hand. In order to do this, you will have to determine what supplies you need, where to order them, and how many you need to order to keep your medical facility fully stocked. Another thing you will need to know is that you will most likely have many patients that must face either short term or long-term incontinence. In these situations, the right incontinence supplies are a must. The condom catheter will be something that your male patients will definitely need, and that means you will need to keep your supply stocked in your medical facility.

Keeping that supply on hand will depend on a number of things. To start with, you will have to consider your budget, your number of patients, and your reorder schedule. These factors will have a big impact on how often you need to make a condom catheter order. There are also other incontinence or catheterization supplies that will go hand in hand with these, so you will have to consider those as well. Budget will matter a great deal since you may have a certain number that you can spend on these supplies and you will not be able to go over that. (more…)


A Condom Catheter Can Help Alleviate Incontinence Discomfort

Incontinence can create a number of problems for men.  Not only can it be embarrassing, but for many men, it can be painful.  If someone you love is immobilized and has to wait for a catheter to be physically inserted in order to use the restroom, the waiting time can be painful after the bladder starts to fill.  More importantly, frequent use of insertable urinary catheters greatly increases the chances of a urinary tract infection as germs from the air, the hands, and the surrounding tissues are pushed into the urethra from the catheter itself.  Thankfully, a condom catheter can alleviate this problem.

With a condom catheter, the device is rolled onto the penis just like a traditional condom.  A seal is formed around the penis in order to keep urine from leaking out, and the patient is able to comfortably use the restroom without the pain and stress of inserting a new physical catheter into the urethra every time.  Infection risks decrease exponentially, as does the level of comfort experienced by the patient throughout the process.  For patients who don’t absolutely require insertable catheters, these are certainly much better options. (more…)