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A Condom Catheter Can Help Alleviate Incontinence Discomfort

Incontinence can create a number of problems for men.  Not only can it be embarrassing, but for many men, it can be painful.  If someone you love is immobilized and has to wait for a catheter to be physically inserted in order to use the restroom, the waiting time can be painful after the bladder starts to fill.  More importantly, frequent use of insertable urinary catheters greatly increases the chances of a urinary tract infection as germs from the air, the hands, and the surrounding tissues are pushed into the urethra from the catheter itself.  Thankfully, a condom catheter can alleviate this problem.

With a condom catheter, the device is rolled onto the penis just like a traditional condom.  A seal is formed around the penis in order to keep urine from leaking out, and the patient is able to comfortably use the restroom without the pain and stress of inserting a new physical catheter into the urethra every time.  Infection risks decrease exponentially, as does the level of comfort experienced by the patient throughout the process.  For patients who don’t absolutely require insertable catheters, these are certainly much better options. (more…)