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Caring for a Urinary Catheter

Whether you use a urinary catheter on a temporary basis or if it is a more permanent medical solution, it is essential to know the proper way to care for and use your catheter.  Not only should you know how to use it, but you’ll also need your caregiver to learn as well.  This is necessary for those times when you require some assistance.  There are different types of catheters, but they typically work the same way.

The main problem that needs to be avoided when using a catheter is infection.  The urinary catheter is inserted directly into the urinary tract or bladder, so it must be kept clean and free of bacteria at all times.  Most people have problems because they become too lax in taking care of their catheter.  You must remain vigilant each and every time you insert it. (more…)



Those that have been fitted with an indwelling urinary catheter – which essentially means it is there for long term use – need to take particular care of the device – which are classified as medical supplies – in order to ensure it continues functioning correctly and does not result in other health complications such as infections. Here we offer some practical tips for caring for your indwelling urinary catheter.