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A Condom Catheter Can Help Alleviate Incontinence Discomfort

Incontinence can create a number of problems for men.  Not only can it be embarrassing, but for many men, it can be painful.  If someone you love is immobilized and has to wait for a catheter to be physically inserted in order to use the restroom, the waiting time can be painful after the bladder starts to fill.  More importantly, frequent use of insertable urinary catheters greatly increases the chances of a urinary tract infection as germs from the air, the hands, and the surrounding tissues are pushed into the urethra from the catheter itself.  Thankfully, a condom catheter can alleviate this problem.

With a condom catheter, the device is rolled onto the penis just like a traditional condom.  A seal is formed around the penis in order to keep urine from leaking out, and the patient is able to comfortably use the restroom without the pain and stress of inserting a new physical catheter into the urethra every time.  Infection risks decrease exponentially, as does the level of comfort experienced by the patient throughout the process.  For patients who don’t absolutely require insertable catheters, these are certainly much better options. (more…)


Choosing the Best Incontinence Products

Whether you are buying for a loved one or you need the products yourself, choosing the best incontinence products is vital. This is because these products will accomplish many things. They will help deal with the incontinence issue without dealing with damage to bedding or clothing. Additionally, these products can help avoid embarrassment if an incontinence issue should arise when you or your loved one are out and about. These medical products are available in a variety of types and forms in order for you to choose the best ones. Not all products will work best for you or your loved one. However, knowing that there is such a wide variety of options available will make it much easier to deal with incontinence in all situations.

Of course, a staple product that anyone dealing with incontinence issues will need is the mattress or bed pad. During sleep is when the problem can be the biggest issue and these bed pads can keep from damaging the mattress. Choosing the right incontinence products will depend on the size of your bed and the depth of the incontinence. Minor problems may require only lightweight bed pads. However, severe problems may require more heavy duty pads to avoid issues. (more…)


How To Find A Coccyx Pillow

A coccyx pillow can offer great comfort to someone who has injured the coccyx in some way.  With this particular piece of medical equipment, you can enjoy a seated position without putting undue strain on the injured area.  There are several different types of pillows, so it really just depends on what you find the most comfortable for your particular situation.  If you are looking to find a coccyx pillow for your injury, there are several places you can look.  Keep in mind that medical supplies can be quite expensive, so you might want to spend some time researching before you make a purchase.

You can certainly find a coccyx pillow at your local medical supply store.  There is a chance that you will be able to see several different styles of pillows, but you must realize that a store won’t be able to show you every type available.  There is some convenience to picking it up from your local store, but you will have to sacrifice a few things for that convenience.   For one thing, you can only select from what is available.  Also, you must realize that the prices will be higher to cover overhead for running a storefront.  If these are sacrifices you can make, then there is no reason for you to look any further. (more…)