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Ostomy Care with ConvaTec Ostomy Supplies

An ostomy is a surgery where a stoma, or opening, is made in either a patient’s abdomen or urinary system. The patient’s bodily fluids, whether fecal matter from the intestines or urine from the urethra, are brought to the stoma, transferred down an external tube, and released into a bag. When this is done to a patient’s abdomen, it is usually for a colostomy or an ileostomy. When it is performed on a person’s urinary system, it is the result of a urostomy. Post-surgical care is incredibly important after any of these surgeries, but thankfully, there are ConvaTec ostomy supplies for that.

First of all, a patient will need to care for and clean his or her stoma. ConvaTec ostomy supplies offer plenty of supplies for cleaning the stoma. They have Aloe Vesta anti-fungal ointment that soothes the entire area around the opening. They also offer a Stomahesive paste which prevents irritation around the stoma and helps keep the opening sealed. When the patient is done cleaning the wound, he or she can apply a comfortable and secure Hydrofiber wound dressing. It is easy to remove for the next cleaning sessions and its moisture component allows for healing. (more…)