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What to Look for in Incontinence Supplies

Incontinence is a serious problem where the body is unable to control the expulsion of waste products in the human body. The most common form of incontinence is urinary incontinence, which involves uncontrollable leakage of urine from the bladder. Some people experience mild forms of incontinence that can involve only a few small drops of urine to a total emptying of the person’s bladder. Incontinence causes many people to become anxious about doing anything in the public eye, afraid they will not be able to control themselves and have leakage in public. Thankfully, there are incontinence supplies and products that exist today to help you control leakage and enable you to get out in public and live your life.

One of the most common types of incontinence supplies on the market are incontinence pads. There are many benefits to using these pads. They are small and designed to go unnoticed by people out and about in public. These pads can be placed inside your normal underwear and do not require the use of adult diapers. These pads are highly absorbent and will keep your skin and your clothes dry should you experience any leakage. When looking to purchase incontinence pads, you should look for pads that are made with multiple layers of absorbent material to provide adequate protection. Make sure the pads have a plastic backing to keep urine leakage from soaking through the pad. (more…)


Incontinence And Women

The unintentional loss of urine is called incontinence. The Health Care Policy and Research Agency estimates that one in four women between the ages of 30 and 59 has incontinence occurrences. However, there are many incontinence supplies available to help you avoid embarrassment. Furthermore, women who suffer in silence because of being embarrassed should talk to their doctor, because most over-active bladder problems can be successfully treated.

While there are several types of incontinence the most common are stress and urge incontinence. Stress incontinence can be caused by sneezing, coughing, or lifting. This happens because the pelvic muscles are weak and cannot hold back urine because of the increased pressure. Many times these incidents are small, but can worsen over a period of time. (more…)


Get The Best Incontinence Supplies

There is an unfortunate stigma attached to incontinence, and it often prevents people from seeking the care and supplies they need to fight it.  Fortunately, there are ways to receive incontinence supplies in the comfort of your own home, and that could give you the confidence you need to seek the products that will help you get out and about again.

The most popular incontinence supplies are adult diapers, which can be worn under the clothes at any time of day or night.  These are often undetectable, which means you can continue your active lifestyle while using them.  It can be discouraging and disheartening to live without them, but it can also be embarrassing to enter your local supermarket to buy them on your own.  With the ability to order these products from online medical supply companies, you no longer need to worry about running into people you know with your package of Depends.  Instead, you can order as many as you need and have them delivered right to your door. (more…)