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Increasing Blood Circulation with Compression Stockings

For individuals with circulatory problems such as phlebitis, edema or thrombosis, compression stockings can help to increase blood circulation. They are designed to apply graduated pressure in the lower leg and foot, which causes an increase of blood flow back to the heart and less blood to accumulate in the lower extremities.

Types of Compression Stockings

There are different types of compression socks. The most widely used versions are gradient compression stockings and anti-embolism stockings. Gradient compression socks are designed to provide higher compression around the ankle. The degree of compression decreases towards the top of the stocking. This type of compression wear is ideal for individuals who suffer from blood clots or lower limb edema. They also improve circulation in people who spend long periods of time in positions that cause blood to pool in the feet or legs. (more…)


Get The Right Fit For Your Compression Stockings

Many people both at home and in a care facility are in need of wearing compression stockings. If you do wear these items, you are likely aware that compression stocking can greatly help to increase blood flow and will aid in the treatment of such conditions as phlebitis, edema, and thrombosis. What is most important for those who will wear compression stockings is to purchase stockings that fit on your ankles, legs, and thighs correctly and with the proper amounts of compression. How much compression you will require your stockings to provide for you will depend on your medical needs and on the advice of your doctors and other care givers.


Compression stockings are often worn by those who are non ambulatory, or who cannot walk, or whose movements are restricted by one medical condition or another. These stockings are also often worn by people whose circulation is less than optimal due to such difficulties as diabetes and those who are prone to blood clots. The compression stockings discourage the pooling of blood in the feet and legs due to insufficient capillary movement. Thus, the type of compression stockings that you will be wearing will depend greatly upon your individual needs. The various brands and types of compression stockings, as well as the amount of compression they will provide, enables you to purchase these important medical devices with a good deal of choice according to your particular situation. (more…)


The Need For Compression Stockings

Many people do not realize the need for compression stockings when taking care of a loved one.  When a long-term care facility or hospital is responsible for the health of a patient either after surgery or when needing long-term bed rest, compression stockings are part of the care.  Those who care for loved ones in the home do not realize how important these are to the health and well being of the patient.  If you have not yet considered these and other items, you may need to talk to a physician or nurse to see exactly what is needed.

The reason compression stockings are so important is because long-term bed rest can promote blood clots in the legs.  The circulation can become quite poor, especially as patients get older.  After surgery or during an illness when a patient is bedridden, these clots can appear.  If not cared for immediately, they can be fatal.  You can see just how important it is to keep the circulation going during times of recovery.  It is unfortunate how few people remember to purchase the necessary supplies and equipment when caring for a loved one in the home. (more…)


Improve Health with Jobst Socks

If you have an illness such as diabetes, you may need to wear compression socks.  Compression hosiery is one of the main things that doctors will ask you to do if you have diabetes.  They are also used for helping arthritis and restless leg syndrome (RLS).  Many doctors encourage the use of Jobst stockings to improve your circulation, which can be significantly decreased due to these illnesses.

Decreased circulation can lead to a variety of problems, especially with the extremities such as the feet and toes.  In order to improve your circulation, consider wearing compression stockings such as Jobst socks.  Weakened blood flow can cause many problems including such maladies as deep vein thrombosis (DVT).  The problems can often be averted by consistently wearing Jobst compression socks. (more…)