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Basic Guide to Understanding Medical Lancets for Checking Sugar Levels

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, then chances are you are already intimately familiar with medical lancets. This type of equipment is made from surgical steel and comes in a variety of sizes. It is primarily used to get a blood sample from patients for different testing purposes. The gauge of a lancet will determine how large the puncture in the skin will be for. For example, the lower the gauge, the bigger the puncture cut will be. For individuals who are using this equipment for blood sugar testing, a higher gauge is preferred. The higher gauges create a small puncture hole that produces a drop or two of blood, which is ideal for diabetic testing.

Lancets are placed in a device that uses springs to prick the skin and draw blood. There are different types of devices that can be used by individuals who have diabetes and need to test their levels on a regular basis. Some individuals opt to use only the lancet without the help of the spring loaded device to pierce the skin and draw a blood sample. This is much more difficult and if not performed properly can be very painful. (more…)


Using Lancets

Lancets, also sometimes referred to as blood lancets, are small medical instruments, not dissimilar to a small scalpel but which come with a double edged needle or blade. Lancets are used in order to make tiny punctures in the skin to be able to obtain small blood specimens. They are typically disposable in nature and are frequently used in the treatment of people who suffer from diabetes. The lancet is used to obtain those small blood samples which can then be tested for hemoglobin, blood glucose levels or other forms of blood components. Lancets can also be used to prick the skin in order to test for allergies.

A lancing device, also sometimes referred to as a blood sampling device, is a reusable piece of equipment which comes equipped with a lancet. These devices are generally used by sufferers of diabetes in order to monitor their blood glucose level. The lancet can sometimes be adjusted to penetrate the skin with different depths depending on the skin thickness of the individual who is using the device. (more…)


Your Guide To Buying Lancets

If you are managing your diabetes, then you already know that there are many supplies that you will need to keep on hand. These supplies will be a must in maintaining your health. Since one of the most important daily rituals of maintaining health with diabetes will be watching blood sugar levels, it only leaves one to know that a blood glucose monitor is a must.

Of course, you most likely already have at least one good quality blood glucose monitor, but the supplies do not stop there. You will also need lancets. These are the small needle like points that will prick the skin on your finger or arm in order to draw enough blood to measure your blood sugar each day. Every single time you check your blood sugar, you will need a new lancet. This is an absolute must for your health. The lancets you use must be sterile in order for you to avoid infection. In addition, they must be clean and sterile so that you can get an accurate reading of your blood sugar. (more…)