Choosing the Right Bedside Drainage Bag

Splash guard…latex free, extra large, anti-reflux chamber, double hook – the array of features available on a bedside drainage bag can get dizzyingly confusing. What features are essential and what is just window dressing? What do you absolutely need to have to provide comfort and dignity while ensuring functionality? In short, how do you choose the right bedside drainage bag for you? Here are some few easy and simple elements to keep in mind when searching for medical supplies that will do their job properly but at the same time provide a certain ease of year and of course be comfortable. Or you can check out advice from the National Association of Incontinence.

Bedside Drainage Bags Basic

Because of its function the necessary of components of a good bedside drainage bag seems obvious. You need a bag big enough to hold a person through the night if possible, it needs to be sterile, it needs to flow in one direction and it needs to be easily attached and removed to the catheter. These are the basic features and if the bedside drainage bag you are looking at doesn’t contain these it probably isn’t the one for you.

Beside Drainage Bags Extras

Many bags provide all of these functional services. But you also want a bag that has ease of use. If you are a caregiver for someone that is older or if you must attach and remove the bag yourself, you want to make certain you get a bag that does not complicate your task. You want a bag that makes your job easier not more difficult. To this end many people forgo all the fancy clips and hooks in favor of bag without strings and clamps. On the other hand, hospital staffers may like the clamps and hooks because it provides ease of removal in a quick manner as they may have several bedside drainage bags to monitor and not just one. Other features that hospital staffers found good and that you might want to consider is a bedside drainage bag that features a urinal port for sampling. There was a reason your mom wanted you to look at your urine to see its color. Urine is a good indicator of our hydration level and overall general health. Having a bag that allows easy urine samples to example color and odor is good, especially for patients that need constant monitoring. Other perks include whether the bag is a one-time use bag or provides instructions for reuse. Though bedside drainage bags are relatively cheap, they are frequently used so a reuse feature is highly desirable.