Biofreeze versus Other Pain Killers

Are you considering trying the new Biofreeze topical solution?  If so, then you are probably wondering what the pros and cons are for this analgesic drug, and especially as compared to other top pain relievers.  Let’s discuss the best advantages of this solution.


First and foremost, we see that Biofreeze is available in a variety of solutions.  This medication is available in roll on form, as a spray, as a gel and even as a wipe!  This certainly gives it points in terms of convenience.  Even very fragile skin can benefit from its ice therapy formula.  There is another advantage to speak of, and this one is in the method of treatment.  This analgesic formula is absorbed through the skin, not ingested.  Therefore, whatever problems might occur with taking an aspirin or Tylenol tablet, would not occur with Biofreeze.


This form of cryotherapy uses primary ingredients of Ilex paraguariensis and menthol.  The two ingredients allow for both pain relief on a physical level, as well as an effect on the brain and nerves, deadening the intense feelings of pain.


Many people appreciate this medication because it can be used for either short term or long term pain.  The solution can be used by athletes who are undergoing rehabilitative therapy.  It is also used by chiropractors and massage therapists.  Furthermore, it can do something else that few other brands can—it provides long term relief for arthritis sufferers and patients dealing with muscle strains.


You will notice the difference when you use Biofreeze in comparison to OTC oral medication, which takes time to work.  If you shower in hot to warm water and then apply the icy therapy solution, you will feel the difference in just moments!


The last advantage of this topical analgesic is that it is not a prescription drug.  Whereas the most powerful pain killers are usually prescription drugs, and require a doctor’s signature, this topical solution can be ordered online or ordered through your health care provider.  (Though it is not directly sold in stores.)  It is actually one of the most popular pain relief medications on the market and yet is not considered a controlled drug.


If you have been suffering with pain for a while, then it’s time to consider a new type of therapy for pain relief.  Find a medical site now to learn more about this cryotherapy medication, as well as its dosage and instructions.