How to Properly Use Biofreeze to Help Relieve Pain

If you have been experiencing muscle pain for any amount of time, then you are aware of all the different types of pain management treatments packing the shelves at grocery stores and local pharmacies. Most of these medications are designed to help you cope with the pain, but most of them have nasty side effects or simply do not provide long-term pain relief. Some medications can take up to several hours to take effect, leaving you in unbearable pain. The best way to get long lasting pain relief almost instantly is to use a topical cold therapy treatment like Biofreeze.

Biofreeze is an effective form of treatment because it is similar to putting ice on your pain only much better and without all of the watery mess. Cold therapy is effective at reducing pain because it restricts your blood vessels, which slows down the flow of blood to the area of your body that is experiencing inflammation and pain. When you apply Biofreeze, the menthol ingredient sends cold signals down through your skin and initiates this process instantly so that you get fast pain relief. You cannot get these quick results with ice because ice has to be removed from the affected area after 10 minutes or risk nerve damage.

Biofreeze cold therapy treatment comes in several different forms. One of the most popularly used forms of the topical treatment is the gel form. Many massage therapists and physical therapists use this form as part of their treatment plan. After going through an intense physical therapy session to rehabilitate some part of your body, you will no doubt be incredibly sore. A massage with this gel can help reduce the pain and help you relax at the same time. You can also get this medication in roll on form, which is especially great for travel purposes, as it can be used almost anywhere and leaves no mess or greasy residue. This topical treatment also comes in a spray form.

The best way to use this treatment is to have a professional massage therapist or a trusted loved one apply a small amount of the gel to the affected area and massage the gel into the skin thoroughly. The massage will not only work the medication deep into the skin, but it will also help to ease the tension in your muscles and help prevent any cramping that might occur.