Buy an American Eagle Gold Coin Today

Buying gold coins as a hedge against riskier investments is a great way to get stared collecting gold bullion coins. Whether you have just begun this rewarding hobby or have a substantial collection that you wish to augment with the best choices in gold bullion, the American Eagle gold coin is a perfect choice for you. The secret behind building a gold coin collection that really pays off is by being careful in your selections, and once you’ve learned about this special coin, you’ll be eager to start adding American Eagles to your collection immediately.

The U.S. Congress authorized the American Eagle gold coin in 1985 by law. Since its original minting, this beautiful coin has jumped to the top of the charts around the world as a valuable and treasured gold bullion investment. The face of the American Eagle gold coin is Lady Liberty, taken from the design for the $20 coin originally designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens. The reverse shows a nest of American bald eagles, fierce and majestic birds that symbolize American independence.

The American Eagle gold coin may only be minted by gold mined in the United States, and this is a requirement imposed by the same law that authorized the coin’s minting. Each coin is struck in 22-karat gold, and then covered in silver and copper finish. The finish is to protect against wear and damage, but does bring down the purity level of the gold per coin. The finishing touch of every American Eagle gold coin is the striking process, which makes the detailed design on each face sparkle and shine.

The most common collectors of American Eagles are investors and collectors, because they are prized for their beauty and gold content. Every coin is backed and guaranteed by the United States government, and they are legal tender coming in multiple denominations. The coin is minted in four different sizes, ranging from one tenth of an ounce to one ounce in weight. The coin, with its 22-karat gold heart, is 91.67 percent solid gold, and gets its value as legal tender and from its gold content.

Investing in gold coins is fun and profitable, but you should always get a little advice before jumping in with both feet. There is no such thing as a sure thing, so get some help from an informed and experienced financial advisor with knowledge about investing in precious metals.