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Combat Dehydrated Skin with Quality Esthetician Supplies

Dehydration of the skin is one of the most common ailments that estheticians face. Dehydration can be caused by many elements including the weather, what a person eats and drinks and the products that a person puts on their skin. If you are an esthetician, you need the right esthetician supplies to combat dry, dull, flaky skin and bring out the beauty in your patients.

One common cause of skin dehydration is consumption of caffeine, according to the blog written by Virtual Esthetician. In the blog, the esthetician explains that while caffeine can have beneficial effects when applied to the outside of the skin, when it is consumed excessively, it can lead to severely dehydrated skin that looks older and more wrinkled. When skin does not have the proper amount of hydration, it will lose that healthy glow and will look dull and lifeless. As an esthetician, it is always wise to advise your patients to cut down on the caffeine that they consume. They should especially avoid caffeinated drinks like coffee and soda, because they are higher in caffeine than foods like chocolate. Regular and diet sodas are also bad for the skin because of the high amounts of sugars or artificial sweeteners. When you are treating patients that are suffering from prematurely aged skin due to dryness, always find out if they are consuming these types of drinks and recommend that they stay away for the health of their skin. (more…)


Skin Therapy

Skin care is very important, given our skin is our largest organ.  Yet many people seem to ignore the importance of caring for it properly.  While our skin is the first protector to all external forces such as the sun and chemicals, the skin needs to be protected and supported as well.  Moisturizing with oils and lotions is a very effective and beneficial way of maintaining a healthy skin complexion.  Not to mention our skin very often makes our first impression to others.  Clear skin will always win out over blotchy skin.


That said, investing in esthetician supplies is a great way toward maintaining our largest organ.  Our skin is battered everyday through so many exterior forces, it could really use some reinforcement.  Esthetician supplies first and foremost are skin care supplies.  Esthetician therapists are known as skin care therapists.  They will typically work out of a salon, day spa or medi-spa.  These specially trained skin care consultants focus on the cosmetic treatment of our skin such as facials, sea weed wraps, mud baths and waxing.  Estheticians are licensed and must undergo many hours of schooling and hands on exams in order to start skin care treatment.  While Estheticians are not doctors, as they can not diagnose skin conditions or prescribe drugs, they can work closely with a dermatoglogist toward helping aid in your skin care treatment.  (more…)