Skin Therapy

Skin care is very important, given our skin is our largest organ.  Yet many people seem to ignore the importance of caring for it properly.  While our skin is the first protector to all external forces such as the sun and chemicals, the skin needs to be protected and supported as well.  Moisturizing with oils and lotions is a very effective and beneficial way of maintaining a healthy skin complexion.  Not to mention our skin very often makes our first impression to others.  Clear skin will always win out over blotchy skin.


That said, investing in esthetician supplies is a great way toward maintaining our largest organ.  Our skin is battered everyday through so many exterior forces, it could really use some reinforcement.  Esthetician supplies first and foremost are skin care supplies.  Esthetician therapists are known as skin care therapists.  They will typically work out of a salon, day spa or medi-spa.  These specially trained skin care consultants focus on the cosmetic treatment of our skin such as facials, sea weed wraps, mud baths and waxing.  Estheticians are licensed and must undergo many hours of schooling and hands on exams in order to start skin care treatment.  While Estheticians are not doctors, as they can not diagnose skin conditions or prescribe drugs, they can work closely with a dermatoglogist toward helping aid in your skin care treatment. 


With that, while you can book an appointment with an esthetician to improve your skin’s appearance as well as its overall health and well-being, supplies can easily be found online for your at-home remedies.  Such full bodied skin supplies include, but are not limited to assorted facial creams and masks, herbal body wraps, eye cream to hot stone massage, shell massage, kinesology tape and hot and cold massage therapy all aiding in pain and prevention.  Once you know the product and its application, have fun in maintatinting your skin health in the privacy of your own home.  Trusted websites can be found with customer review and health professionals available for questions.  Skin, as our first line of defense is only as effective as we keep it.  Not properly moisturizing or attuning to certain skin ailments will only decrease your skin’s ability to protect you, so protect it as much as it protects you.