The History of the Blood Glucose Meter

A blood glucose meter is a device that is used by medical professionals and by individuals diagnosed with diabetes to read the level of glucose in the bloodstream. This type of device has become a popular tool as well as a life-saving one for individuals who are diabetic. One of the reasons this tool has become so popular is because it is incredibly simple to use.

One of these devices usually comes in a kit that includes a device that looks similar to a writing pen. The pen is fitted with a lancet, which is then used to prick the finger of the diabetic patient in order to draw a small blood sample. After using the lancet to draw blood, the drop is placed on a test strip and the strip is inserted into the device. The device will provide a reading for you in a matter of seconds. Due to its affordability and ease of use, this device has become commonplace in the homes of diabetics and has provided them with the ability to more effectively manage their diabetes.

The type of blood glucose meter that is used today is a fairly new piece of technology. Older types of meters were very large and came with an even larger price tag that the average person suffering from diabetes could not afford. The birthplace of the modern blood glucose meter is the Children’s Hospital in the city of Cincinnati. The device was created by two medical professionals who were looking for a better way to read the level of glucose or sugar in the bloodstream of diabetic patients. One of the reasons these individuals were seeking to build a new type of meter was because the ones being used at the time could not provide consistent results.

It was not until the last 20 years that advances were made that allowed for consistent results in the readings provided by a blood glucose meter. It is important if you have a family history of diabetes that you get your blood sugar checked often. If you have already been diagnosed with diabetes, be sure to purchase one of these devices so that you can better manage your diabetes and prevent complications from occurring. There are a number of different places you can go to buy one of these devices. You can check with a local medical supply store or visit one of the many online medical supply stores to purchase a meter.